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Hi I made this blog in dedication to Jarley, because they are my OTP and they are so adorable. And they are endgame! And I make Jarley fan videos, check them out below and let me know what you think. I love feedback :)

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I don’t get the glee writers 

So its a 6 month jump? that means the newbies would be seniors. But the actors are not coming back? so Rachel is going to bring back glee club but even though technically Marley, Jake, Ryder, Kitty and Unique would be seniors they would not join or be mentioned? let me guess in glee logic they all moved all of em.

this is so stupid, the newbies got no proper goodbye or goodbye song last season which i would of been okay with if the plan was to bring em back. but no they’re not and they didn’t get full closure or get to help bring back the club? With the new 5 members there casting that’s only 5 in the new glee club what about the other 7? are they just going to get 7 random band people or cheerios? it would make sense to have the original newbies it would help fill the club and hey they would be seniors! and it’s also like a slap to the face to Jacob, Melissa, blake, becca, and alex. They could be used but are not. I  can’t with glee no more. This last season is going to tank so bad it’s sad. the end of last season the rating were really bad but I have a feeling this last season it’s going to be embarrassing. This will definitely not be a comeback seaosn its going to be a sad end and i will not be watching I’m tired of the glee writers bs. I have other shows and ships that I enjoy watching more than glee anymore.

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“@alinaliaa: The sonority girls #behindthescene shooting of The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks! With Melissa Benoist and Britt Robertson”


“@alinaliaa: The sonority girls #behindthescene shooting of The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks! With Melissa Benoist and Britt Robertson”

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Jarley week: Day 7 “Free Day”

Jarley’s ABC’s.

elenaheuze So I just saw @jacobartist at the #HollywoodBowl #Hair

elenaheuze So I just saw @jacobartist at the #HollywoodBowl #Hair

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What about teen Jesus? Joe hart… Samuel Larsen ? The first and original winner Ryan Murphy hand pick of the Glee Project! No one talks about him and what happened to this beautiful talented creature! Not him, not rib, no cast mates, no one… On or off the show, so bizarre it’s like there is a glee gag order! I would love to see him return and have an ending to his story and maybe give him a decent line or two and a song.

True true, I was actually upset that he just disappeared along with sugar. I would be all for if they brought him back. Sad thing that the writers never gave him a proper storyline, he only had a small one with Quinn season 3 and season 4 he got pushed to the back ground with one liners and songs :/  But yeah if he came back I would love that

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Anonymous wrote: "did you see the spoilers about the newbies 2.0? do you think the original newbies will be back?"

I did :/ idk what the writers are doing anymore. Look how welcoming the glee fandom was to the newbies for season 4. Not good.

under the cut cuz this got long and I ranted

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