I Have Loved You For A thousand Years

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Hi I made this blog in dedication to Jarley, because they are my OTP and they are so adorable. And they are endgame! And I make Jarley fan videos, check them out below and let me know what you think. I love feedback :)

Here are some Jarley Rps and Fanfic Writers I follow.
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anonymous asked: jarley or jayder

Blurred lines.

Blurred lines.

tagged as: #jacob artist #hottie #handsome

tagged as: #jacob artist #hottie #handsome

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Guys Ryan will be on twitter soon!!  

Ask him some jarley questions!! lets hope he answers or at least sees them :)

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Hey Jarley shippers Ryan will be on twitter again live tweeting for Glee 

I know its a small chance he might not answer us but at least try, maybe with enough people asking he’ll answer a question.  Try to be polite so that he will answer. ask him things like “Should Jarley shippers have hope for Jarley?” “will we see more of Jarley in season 6?” Or tell him how much you love Jarley and hope to see more of them. Even tell him how much you miss the newbies and can’t wait to see them again. He might not answer but at least he’ll most likely see the tweets. So everyone who has a twitter please try to send some.

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Dear Jarley family 


Tonight Ryan Murhpy is doing another q&a.

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Anonymous wrote: "Do you remember which interview Jacob said that "from the beginning she was such a stand out. She was always my first choice. She's just so effortly gracious and brought so many layers to the character" about melissa? Thanks :)"

This one right here :) it’s towards the end of the interview :)

 Jarley in Season 4 

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