I Have Loved You For A thousand Years

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Hi I made this blog in dedication to Jarley, because they are my OTP and they are so adorable. And they are endgame! And I make Jarley fan videos, check them out below and let me know what you think. I love feedback :)

Here are some Jarley Rps and Fanfic Writers I follow.
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Guys ryans on twitter ask away!! 

Ask him about the newbies, jarley and if he can release the total eclipse scene that was cut go!! help me out :)

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Anonymous wrote: "what was the link you used to use?"

I wasn’t sure if the person was going to livestream it but they just posted it so here ya go its here :)

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Anonymous wrote: "Can you post the link to watch glee?"

I’m sorry I don’t have one. I’m not watching it but if I come across a livestream I’ll post it

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Anonymous wrote: "i don't know why but for some reason I want jake to play the piano and sing "all of me" to marley while doing it because I think it would be amazing!"

I know why, cuz that would be friggen adorable!!! but yes I agree that would be amazing and Jacob’s voice with that song, swoon. this needs to happen.

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jacobartist 🏰🇬🇧

jacobartist 🏰🇬🇧

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love4jarley replied to your photo “More 3D Sets”

makeee more! :)

haha I made a bunch already,  I just have to color them so expect a lot more  :)

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